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"I was selling my home in Washington and looking at purchasing a home in Montana. None of my friends or family knew any lenders in MT so I was unable to secure a referral; I took a chance on Dustin Peterson after spending days reading online reviews and he lived up to the praise others had given him 100%. When I approached Dustin I did not have my WA home sold nor did I have a home picked out in MT but Dustin never faltered. He very quickly had me pre-approved for a loan in the price range I was looking at and was extremely responsive to all questions and concerns. My real estate agent in MT was extremely impressed with the high level of customer service that he provided. He was with me every step of the way thorough a very drawn out closing through multiple delays by my buyers lender. He had to re-draw docs multiple times due to the very late notice we received that closing would be delayed several times. Dustin was in constant contact with me, my two real estate agents and my escrow company and he kept me calm during a very stressful process and remained positive. I would recommend Dustin to my friends and family; I hope you have the good fortune of working with Dustin Peterson for your home mortgage transaction."
a smart pearl from Conrad, MT

"Dustin was extremely helpful with getting a home loan. I am a first time buyer, and I was also looking to purchase a home in a rural development area. Dustin is very knowledgeable with both and was able to make the loan process easy and fast. He kept me informed every step of the way and took extra time to explain everything to me in great detail. This couldn't have been a more positive experience."
Jeffrey from Lolo, MT

"Dustin knows what he is doing and he is willing to apply himself so that your loan will work out. Was glad to have him on my team. Choosing someone knowledgeable is really a must."
Ashley from Missoula, MT

"My wife and I just closed on our first house so this was all completely foreign and overwhelming to think about when we first started. Dusting was so awesome to deal with. He explained step by step how it all works and walked us through the entire process. Any question or problem big or small he answered and explained in great detail. Any time I needed to speak with him I picked my phone up and every time he was available and took the time out of his schedule to speak. Best experience ever!!!"
zuser20150507175904537 from Lolo, MT

"Dustin worked really hard on my behalf. I recommend him to anybody looking for a mortgage lender. His knowledge and interest in real estate and the mortgage process helped make my home purchase a very good experience."
tootsiechef from Missoula, MT

"My husband and I were in a bit of a hurry to wrap up the refinance of our home (we had just built a shop in the backyard, and also needed to add myself to the loan after our wedding). Dustin kept it real throughout the entire process. He was very on top of everything, promptly replying to emails and phone calls, as well as maintaining a consistent connection between himself and the underwriters. He helped keep the process as smooth and painless as possible. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family for their home lending needs in the future!"
kelseydubois13 from Huson, MT

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work that help us buy our first home. Dustin was professional, knowledgeable, and helpfulness. He answer any questions that we have and always on top of things. He follow throughout the loan process. I was most impressed with the turnaround and how quickly the settlement date was scheduled."
zuser20140506122519693 from Missoula, MT

"I was genuinely impressed by my loan experience as conducted by Dustin. Having previously known him in a casual non-work environment, I had no idea what it would be like working with Dustin- yet it did not come as a surprise that he was nothing but the utmost in professionalism, politeness, and promptness. I WAS pleasantly surprised, however, to find my already very high expectations exceeded. I knew Dustin's reputation as one of, if not the most competitive mortage lender in the Missoula area (which was certainly confirmed in my experience; no one else could match his rates or fees), but I didn't anticipate his meticulously thorough and patient commitment to guiding his client through this technical process. Emphasis on his patience: I was so confused the entire time and it should have been really aggravating, but he was nothing but helpful and accommodating to all of my little bewilderments. As much as I was so mystified by everything going in, the time and effort that Dustin put into explaining and annotating the procedures for me made me feel confident and assured in the process. Some people are relaxed or loose in their standards when serving a friend of friend/friend, but I think it says a lot about Dustin and his commitment to quality service that he extended to me the same courteous, professional treatment he offers to any client. I am so glad I chose Dustin to handle my loan, and when I build an addition in a few years, I'll be calling up Dustin to finance that too."
stella maris 926 from Missoula, MT

"Buying a Fannie Mae owned property was quite interesting- long process yet Dustin did an awesome job explaining things and communicating what was needed and why. His knowledge and experience was what we needed to get this second home purchased, and we completed the process! I would recommend his help to anyone looking for financing. I would use him again if I needed to finance a home in the future."
leighlyks from Hamilton, MT

"We were first time homebuyers and self employed. The local bank was very unhelpful and dragging their feet. Dustin came highly referred. He met with us for only 15 min. At the end of the conversation we had a list of things we needed to do. Upon doing what we needed to do he had us preapproved the same day! House hunting was hard. Took us almost 6 months. He helped so much by answering all out first timer questions and recommending any properties he saw that fitting. I believe his knowledge of the industry and his promptness were key factors to us acquiring our loan. He will most definitely be who I would recommend to anyone buying a house."
deeman812 from Missoula, MT

"Before being introduced to Dustin Peterson, through Zillow, I basically was a homeless Disabled Veteran living with my Mother. After explaining my situation, Dustin helped me fill out a loan application using my Iphone. I only had to wait two days before Dustin called, 'Good News Fawn, You have Been Approved.' I honestly feel that without Dustin's professionalism, expertise, patience, and understanding, I would never have been able to navigate the process of buying a home. Step by step, application to closing, went smooth and quick. I would strongly recommend Dustin Peterson to all the Veterans and Civilians out there. He can make it Happen! Thank You Dustin Peterson for making my Dream Home a Reality!"
nanajmills48 from Corvallis, MT

"I found Dustin Peterson to be respectful, trustworthy, efficient, attentive to detail, and knowledgeable. This made for a very smooth process where I felt informed and comfortable. Dustin is top notch, and I will definitely recommend him to friends, family, and colleagues."
neilpatrickmurray from Missoula, MT

"Dustin walked us through the whole refinance process from beginning to end. He is very personable and he contacted us back promptly with answers to all our questions, no matter how big or small. I would highly recommend Dustin."
frankandpat3 from Bonner, MT

"I recommend Dusty to anyone looking to finance their home. He works hard and follows through with everything. He has experience in the industry and is a straight-shooter."
derek from Missoula, MT

"Dustin was very professional and helpful through out the entire mortgage process. . He made my dreams turn into realities! Always available when I needed him. I would highly recommend his services!"
info from Florence, MT

"First time home buyer, Dustin was very helpful and knowledgeable. Made the process easy. Answered all my questions and was always available to help and work around my busy schedule. I really appreciate his help in this new process."
stephen from Missoula, MT

"I had a great experience with Dustin. He was very helpful and informative about my mortgage options. I also had a very tight closing deadline which Dustin met with no headaches or problems. He made puchasing my first home quick and painless."
bperfater from Lolo, MT

"Dustin was on top of our mortgage process, from start to finish he was thoroughly communicating. Even receiving a compliment from the title company at close that he was in touch right away and that he and his staff were much more helpful than most companies they deal with. He helped us work through the kinks of first time home buying providing very helpful information along the way to ensure that we didn't get taken advantage of, and to ensure that we got the best mortgage available. I would highly recommend utilizing Dustin's knowledge and skillset to any buyer and will certainly be recommending him to my friends and family everywhere - he was able to get us squared away from Montana even though we are in Florida."
HTyler85 from Jupiter, FL

"This was not my first time working with you and each time you have exceeded my expectations in everything you have done for us. It is a big relief to be able to trust you in such a heavy decision. You will have my return business and my referral to anyone who is looking for a comfortable Mortgage experience. The savings you have helped us achieve is going to impact my family for years to come. I couldn't have done it with out a person of your professional experience and customer service. Thanks again and on the next goal!"
duststjohn from Missoula, MT

"Dustin Peterson was very knowledgeabe when it came to all the paper work we had to sign. If it was not for his helpfulness we probably would not have continued. Dustin was responsive to our needs and the process became easy with his help.Thank you Dustin."
culdice from Missoula, MT

"This was my first time buying a house. I went to Dustin very nervous and very intimidated by this whole process. He immediately calmed my nerves and walked me through the whole process and explained it to me so I understood and felt comfortable with my decision to commit to buying a house. He went through the whole process step by step. It didn't matter how stupid my question was to me he would just answer it and then he would make sure I understood and was comfortable with the answer. He would always return my calls which meant a lot to me. My specific loan (FHA) ended up having specific things needed done to the house in order to go through. I freaked out a little bit but Dustin actually came to my house and reviewed the situation and explained my options to me . He would call me regularly to check in with me to make sure I was ok and to see if I needed anything. He also came to the closing with me for support. I would recommend him to anyone whether it is their first time buying a home or their 3rd.Thank you Dustin!"
zuser20140524173630755 from Missoula, MT

"Dustin is outstanding at what he does, he gives detailed information right away, and he was very patient with a deal that took a lot longer than anticipated. Dustin went above and beyond helping us secure our home. He advocated for us more than once, and I truly appreciate his professionalism, prompt and detailed communication, and fantastic customer service."
zuser20160209220708925 from Pinesdale, MT

"Dustin was amazing. He was very through explaining every step of the process and making sure we got the best mortgage for our situation wothout putting pressure on us. He was always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend him to help with all the property buying and refinancing options that you might have. Call Dustin!! He take care of you!"
bigftjr1 from Missoula, MT